What we do

tagThis site exists to advocate a fair and unbiased view to the topic of teens working to better themselves by working hard in their community.

Teens who wish to better themselves by working hard in sales programs are being subject to draconian child labor laws that usually apply to small children, and were enacted to prevent children from being exploited through circus acts or pan handling schemes in the 19th century.

To more fully clarify the current issue, we have included educational links and copies of articles entailing the unfairness of the harrassment working teenagers and their supervisors are subjected to on a regular basis.

To combat a recent cavalcade of witch hunts and bad journalism that only hurt the poor, disaffected youth who are struggling to find an honest way to better themselves in the world, this site is presented as a truthful representation of the facts as it pertains to modern working teens.

The Truth

tagGenerally, the teens working candy sales receive about 33% from each sale. This is their money to spend for their personal needs. This includes crew bonuses and incentives such as admission to amusement parks, weekend outings, free dinners or just cash bonuses.

This creates an opportunity without precedent in urban and low income areas where opportunities are usually non-existant for teens who wish to better themselves.

Implementing these goals in a safe and fun manner requires careful supervision by responsible adults who work with kids to ensure that they are able to meet their goals in a positive manner.

Teens work for at least one of two reasons: Either the teen needs to earn money or the teen has a lot of fun selling door to door, most work for both reasons. If one of these equations, the money or the fun is taken away then a teen will not participate. The job has to be rewarding and fun.


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People working for the media make big bucks! Some feel that to keep their livelihood alive, keep the big bucks flowing, and ratings up they sometimes have to create or find a story. They are like birds of prey that find the easy targets that could be vulnerable and financially disadvantaged and construed to look bad. Especially when they are involved in working with youth.


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You can always tell when there isn’t any juicy bad news to report as they start looking locally for something or someone to “MAKE” a negative story about. The candy Kids are an easy target. It’s easy for them to get someone to say something bad for their news cast as all they have to do is to go into a neighborhood where such teens may live.


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We believe that providing income opportunities for teens in need is a good cause, and when they get to keep 33% to buy much needed items such as school supplies, clothes or maybe even help mom out at home with the groceries. Why Not? There is nothing wrong with honest opportunity.