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The Fox That Guards the Chicken Coop

     We do not like putting anything of a negative nature on our website.  We believe in being positive and writing positive things to encourage people to provide income opportunities for teens as well as let consumers better understand how the work programs work.

    We feel that we need to address a subject that concerns individuals that want to stop or prohibit all for profit sales programs for teens only because they are not charities or because they may be prejudice, or in competition with their pet charities.

     Some of these individuals hold jobs at TV news stations or newspapers others may hold positions of power in regulatory agencies.  Some of these individuals use their power and public trust to make negative statements about for profit groups, or even make negative statements about other nonprofit groups that are not approved by the persons in power or authority “the Click”.  They may feel that they are in competition for consumer dollars and that consumers should only be spending money on their pet or preferred non-profit charitable organizations.

Yes there is competition within nonprofit groups to get the consumers money, they (some) may view others as competition and try and stop them from selling items door to door by creating negative stories about them to attempt to influence the consumer.  They are always easy to recognize as they use clichés like “IN THE NAME OF SAFETY” or “THEY TAKE THESE KIDS TO UNFAMILIAR NEIGHBORHOODS” or maybe say “THEY KEEP ALL THE MONEY” they say anything they can say in an attempt to put these groups into a negative atmosphere and negate their reputation in the community thus trying to put them out of business so that their pet charities may have the exclusive rights for all door to door sales, thus we call them the “THE FOX THAT GUARDS THE CHICKEN COOP”, This is Propaganda.

    From time to time we have seen media attacks about different industries. Usually coming from a TV News reporter called “The Trouble Shooter” or an investigative reporter.  These reporters are the weakest or newest part time reporters that have to come up with their own stories to make their mark, sometimes stories are hard to come by so they may pick on an industry that can’t defend itself.  They just need to find easy pickens to justify their existence. What is easier than a fifteen year old kid selling candy?

    We have often wondered why such attacks are taking place as someone or some industry suddenly comes under fire from the media when nothing has happened that is news worthy, then why the attack.  We ask ourselves why? They will attack petty issues and try to make mountains out of mole hills; they have even been known to enlist their helicopter’s and follow a group around just for theatrics and drama to impress their socialistic views on viewers. They want to increase the impact as if the kids selling candy just robbed a bank, they really want to get your attention and by having a helicopter really makes things look serious, after all maybe the teen might sell a box of candy to someone, the teen might even make a buck or two.  Oh my goodness!! Just more propaganda.

    We believe we have some of the answers as to why the youth sales programs are singled out.  To begin with any small industry or company can always be singled out and find themselves at a great disadvantage when attacked by the media as they do not have the financial resources to defend themselves against a media attack, after all how many homes does the media get to with just one broadcast, they know they are getting into your home and now is their opportunity to attempt to influence you to think  their way by giving the news with a foot note or something to attempt to influence you.  This is not good journalism and more socialistic than anything else.

    First of all I think we need to understand that the TV News’s stations are on TV to make money.  They make their money by ratings and keeping their ratings up is fierce competition against other TV News programs.  The higher the ratings the more money the newscasters get paid, and the more money the sponsors will pay for advertisements. The number one News station gets the most money for advertising time and thus can pay their employees more.  It’s all about the money too but in some cases it is a personal vendetta of one TV network.

    Since people working for the media make big bucks some feel that to keep their livelihood alive and keep the big bucks flowing and ratings up they sometimes have to create or find a story, so they are like birds of prey find the easy ones that could be vulnerable and financially disadvantaged and construed to look bad, especially when they are involved in working with youth.

    You can always tell when there isn’t any juicy bad news to report as they start looking locally for something or someone to “MAKE” a negative story about.  The candy Kids are an easy target.

    It’s easy for them to get someone to say something bad for their news cast as all they have to do is to go into a neighborhood where such teens may live.  They will go up to teens and ask them if they ever worked for the particular group they are wanting to do a story on, when they find some teens they will ask them questions about the job program.  A teen or an adult may agree with anything they may ask them if it means being on TV or not being on TV.  Being on TV is a big deal. 

    Have you ever noticed when a news caster is doing a story on site and a group of people are standing behind them?  Have you noticed how people, especially teens will waive their hands and jump up and down?  They do this as it is a big thing for them to be on TV.  A news station will approach a group of teens and ask them about their job. If a teen has nothing to say negative about the organization, then the news station will let them know in the news stations own way that they are only looking for someone to talk about the bad things, of course if it means being on TV or not being on TV then a teen will do and say what ever they want to hear just to have an opportunity to be on TV. Even some adults will do this, especially when they are in the inner city.  This is their one minute of fame and they really want to have the chance of being on the TV news.  News stations have done this in the past. Naturally this helps the news station look as if they have gained credibility for the negative report. They usually will want these bad things said after they have given you their pitch about how bad these job programs are for teens, sometimes they will have someone from their local favorite charity say bad things about teen job programs, this is always done at the end of the broadcast in yet another way to try and influence your opinion of teen income opportunities.  At the same time they get a pitch in for free for their pet charity. Who’s exploiting who?

    Sometimes they are driven by hidden agendas or personal prejudice’s and sometimes they may Just be doing a Governmental agency or employee a favor, The Governmental employees may be an agency for the city, county, state, or US Government. Always watch out as to what these people are saying, some don’t like door to door sales because they feel it takes away from the charitable dollars they may get, these people want it all too and don’t like any competition  and will say and get real ugly when the thought of losing one dollar arises.  They do not like any for profit or State non profit groups going door to door selling anything; they are protecting the chicken that lays the golden eggs, you the consumer as they want exclusive access to you and will say and do anything to keep others away.  They along with their media (announcers) will exploit teen jobs and try to make it look as if is something bad, these people probably never had a want in their life while growing up that wasn’t given to them on a silver platter, now they want to make policy for others that are not so fortunate.

    In some case’s we feel that a lot of the negative statements comes from people that believe that only local schools, churches or clubs should be the ones allowed to sell door to door and that they should have the “exclusive” rights for the sales of magazines, novelties or candies, and that everyone else is not welcome, unless of course it is one of their pet clubs or charities. They feel that anyone else is infringing on their territory, and especially someone from a different part of town, or with youth of minority decent that is not that of the make up of the neighborhood or especially the fact that they think that only their sanctioned (approved) charities should have exclusive rights for all door to door sales.

People that feel this way know there is nothing they can do about it as this is America and we have

Freedoms and a constitution to protect us.  But yet YES there may be a way for them to stop the competition using their entrusted public authority and powers and their jobs dealing with TV and Newspapers to “GET” RID of competition by character assassination. They can’t legally stop the competition so they result to going in the back door and making them look like bad guys.  Many of these people are what one may call control freaks big time liberals that want to control everything and everyone, they want to tell us what we should and should not do and will use any façade they can think of and even make innuendos or false statements to manipulate facts to further their cause. Again this is why we call this “THE FOX THAT GUARDS THE CHICKEN COOP” These people along with the MEDIA are the Foxes doing the guarding.

    On occasions we believe that a person working for a governmental agency knows someone working in the media.  These individual may share the same views as to who should be allowed to sell products door to door and who shouldn’t.  The person from the Governmental Agency may call their comrade and ask them to do an investigative report on a for profit group or a nonprofit group not sanctioned by them. Of course by the two secretly working together to get rid of the for profits they can achieve more and yet go undetected and thus further their personal objectives.  When a news broadcaster is asked why they are running the story for no apparent reason the answer will always be “Safety” and they will deny any communication between them and anyone else.

    The Media always single out the groups that let the teens have money; they feel that teens should not receive compensation for their efforts in the way of cash, whether they are for profit or nonprofit.

    We should compare this with the other organizations that sell door to door that do not allow the teens to receive cash. 

    We want to make it clear that we are not trying to make charities look bad as we are all for them to do their fundraising projects and raise funds.  We do however know that in most cases the youth are compensated but not in the way of cash but in another way, this being given prizes for amounts of products sold.  If a youth sells 40 candy bars they may get a ribbon, if a youth sells 80 they may get a radio or be able to choose a prize from a catalog for those who have sold 80 candy bars.  If a youth sell 500 they may get a prize like a portable CD player or maybe 750 will get them a TV……………Well what’s the difference they have been compensated for their efforts regardless if they got money or a prize.

    The Media will sometimes say that the teens are selling in different parts of the community every night.  DUH! Do they think a consumer should have the same teen knocking on their door with the same products every night, NO!  They know this too but by saying this it is only said to further their hidden agendas and make a group look bad, Just more propaganda.

    What they sometimes but very rarely tell you is that the supervisor is always roaming supervising the teens all the time and keeping track and moving the teens to new work areas constantly.  Most supervisors carry a cell phone that the teens can call on at anytime.  Many of the teens carry their own cell phones as well.  They are organized.

    What is never mentioned about charities is that when a youth many of which may not even be teenagers are given products to sell around their houses by one of their sanctioned charities that there is no laws saying where the youth may go and not go.  There is nothing to stop the youth from getting on a bus and going across town to sell more products, they are working unsupervised. 

    Of course the organization selling the products through the teens tell the teens to only sell to their neighbors and friends but they know that if a teen is going to sell a lot they have to knock on a lot of doors, and why? Because the youth wants to earn enough points to “GET THE PRIZE”. The more sales the more points the bigger the prize. These are the youth are going door to door totally unsupervised.

    There are charities that supervise their youth extremely well, one being the Girl Scouts but not too many groups do, and too sometimes a parent will walk with the youth door to door but this in not true in many cases as many families have working parents that cant go out every night and supervise, and too the kids get home earlier and what’s to stop them from going out selling, after all they really want that prize.  The media never makes mention of this as this would be counter productive for them.

    Many times they will attack the person in charge of a group that allows the teens to make money saying the supervisor make all the money, or they make too much money.  Well who are they to say how much money one should make?  They probably set behind their desk and try to tell us who is good and who is not, give us a break.  These kind of people have previously been referred to as the ones born with a silver spoon in their mouth or eat off of a silver platter.  They really don’t know and don’t care about what it is like to be in need or to have gone without.  Many of the teens participating in these work programs do so because plain and simple they need the money and without a part time job they wouldn’t have any, so without the job what’s left for them?

    We look at things differently when it comes to people in charge making money.  When we see a sales crew driving in a new or late model vehicle we are glad for them. Why? Because we know that they must be doing something right to have all the teens they have with them wanting to work, we also know that for every dollar they make a teen has made two or more.  We hope they all make good money and drive new safe equipment.  The rewards for a group depends on the supervisor, the better they can communicate, teach and motivate the more the youth sells and thus the more they all can make. ISN’T THIS WHAT IS CALLED THE AMERICAN WAY?

    These people attack for profit groups using words like Safety and unfamiliar neighborhoods to further their cause. How can it be safe when a youth sells door to door for a charity for points to earn a prize but then suddenly becomes unsafe when a youth sells door to door and get paid in green money?  What’s wrong with this picture?

   For the media it is not in the name of safety but in the name of exclusive rights for door to door sales for all their pet charities otherwise they would not just single out one kind of door to door sales group. It’s the media promoting propaganda and their person opinion while violating and abusing the trust of the public.

    We just believe that providing income opportunities for teens in need is a good cause and they usually get 25% to 30% of the money for them to keep and do with as they want, maybe buy much needed clothes or maybe even help mom out at home. Why Not?  This seems to be a good cause to us. And not to mention the learning experience and knowledge they receive from meeting and communicating with the public.

    We wish the media and others would stop exploiting for profit groups that help teens, we believe everyone should have an even level playing field, we do not believe any of these groups intend on hurting other groups incomes but at the same time they should not be discriminated against.  What’s wrong with a teen making a buck?

    We are not saying everyone working with teens are angels as once in awhile a bad person may exist, we realize this but this should not be a reason for the media to bastardize the entire industry because of one bad person, if this was the rule of thumb then we would be closing schools and police departments just because of one bad teacher or one bad cop. This is where the media discriminates and exploits teen work programs just to further their hidden agendas.

For those of you who read this and are employed by a TV news station, or those of you who are employed in some kind of city, county, state or US Governmental agency please understand that we are not saying everyone is bad or biased, there may be a few that are. Or maybe one of your superiors are and you could be just taking orders from the network or supervisors.  We don’t want to make any enemies.  We do know that a TV announcer (investigative reporter or trouble shooter) usually are members of some non-profit group that believes teens should not be allowed to work, thus they abuse their trust and honestly while reporting the news as they have a secret agenda.  We noticed in many cases they have one of their personal non profit groups say something bad about for profit groups and in many cases they are members of this organization thus getting some free advertising for their group at the same time.

    We take this very seriously, we too are afraid of persecution from the powerful Media or other people, We have seen TV and Tabloid accounts that were distorted, we have seen harassment from people in power against the for profit groups and the nonprofit groups that allow the teens to earn cash money.

    We know that someone needs to speak out on the teens and small companies behalf as they are afraid to speak out as then the powers that be may come in and completely and unfairly ruin them and their part time work program. We too have tried to keep our personal identity confidential for fear of reprisal from the networks, this is a shame as we are American citizens with civil rights but not in the media eyes as either you agree with them and their views or they will ruin you abusing the right they have to report the news as they then make the news and distort the facts to influence you the consumer in an attempt to make you agree with them (Propaganda).  These people actually call themselves journalist, that’s the joke of the day.

    Consumers, Law makers, don’t be led astray with propaganda, This is the American work ethic and teens need and should have opportunities to have part time jobs, sales jobs are especially good as they learn how to greet the public, overcome shyness, learn and make money. Teen jobs have been happening for over 60 years as it started with selling flower seeds door to door, now it is the 21st Century and teens sell candy, magazines and house wares we need more programs like these. What else is there for teens to do now days? Sell drugs? Be the lookout for a drug dealer? Steal or rob?  Believe it or not teens need to have money to spend and by selling under adult supervision they can have an opportunity to earn much needed money and not break the law.

Please pay special attention to anything you hear on the CBS News network and affiliates as they appear to be Number 1 in attacking and exploiting door to door sales companies, if you see anything like we mentioned above just remember what we have just told you. Take it with a grain of salt as to how much is fact and how much is dramatics and fiction and just how much is propaganda. Most network news stations are not the news as we once knew it as now it is very opinionated and told in such a fashion so as to influence you and your thoughts, we call it influential news.  They get pretty brazen at times, remember Dan Rather reporting wrongly about President Bush’s Military record, of course this time they went too far and Rather later resigned, just think about the small guy who cant go after them like the US Government can.

    Also be aware of some of the other networks especially NBC as they have had distorted stories in the past as well, we know the networks communicate and share with one another, sometimes they loan video clips to the other networks and slide them in as if it is part of a new story.







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